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Sandhills State Bank is your partner for making payments easy, efficient and secure. We offer you all the latest in technology through mobile payments from one person to another with PopMoney while also bringing you the traditional forms of payments like checks and credit or debit cards.

Imagine not writing a check to your babysitter or to the newspaper carrier but instead pay them safely through your smart device? We’ve partnered with the best providers in technology to ensure you have access to your money anytime, anywhere, and any place!



A simple, secure, and convenient way to make purchases in stores or online. A Sandhills State Bank Debit Card also gives you 24/7 free access to your cash in over hundreds of ATMs throughout the region.

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Sandhills State Bank offers personal VISA or American Express credit cards with competitive rewards or cash back options. Stop by a branch to visit with one of our banking experts and determine which card is right for you!


Why wait? By choosing Sandhills State Bank you receive checks printed in-house and in the Sandhills, you save time and money while also gaining access to your account through checks much faster! Getting personalized and customized checks has never been easier!


Send money to family or friends for whatever reason with just an email address or phone number. This is the perfect solution for you when you are splitting the check at a restaurant, paying back a friend, or giving a gift. You’ll love PopMoney and wonder how you ever lived without it.


Support the Sandhills, give the gift of BEEF. Our Beef drafts work to make beef purchases at local grocery stores and meat processors. Drafts are available in all denominations. Stop by or call your local branch today to learn more about this great way to support your community and fill your freezer!


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